Installation guide

Installation is easy: you just need to unzip the downloaded file (.zip file).
If your computer cannot open ZIP files, you can download 7zip (free software).
Important : if you update this application, you need to replace all the files and directories present in the previous installation directory EXCEPT the GPX folder and the MyGeocachingManager.exe.Config file. Then go through steps 4 to 6 below.
  • 1 - Download the application,
  • 2 - Unzip the archive in a directory,
  • 3 - Copy all your GPX files in the GPX folder of the application,
  • 4 - Launch the application by double-clicking on MyGeocachingManager.exe (a warning message will popup the first time you start a new vrsion, it's normal),
  • 5 - Finalize your configuration ( user name, home coordinates) from the Configuration menu. You might need to restart the application in order the changes to be applied.
  • 6 - For more explanations regarding this application, you can consult the online help

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