Easy No need of Internet

MyGeocachingManger helps you to display the content of your GPX files, to create filters based on almost any cache attribute.
You can even export your selection (GPX or HTML format).



this software
Windows 7 to Windows 10 (32 & 64 bits) compatible, no admin rights required, just unzip it.


your information
Fill your Geocaching.com user name and your home coordinates than you're ready to go!


That's it!
You're ready to use MyGeocachingManager to prepare your next trips! .

About this software

MyGeocachingManager is in no way affiliated to Geocaching.com. This application if free and just intends to make Geocachers' life easier.
This software runs on Microsoft Windows, I have no intention to port it on any other operating system.
  • Filter on all caches attributes
  • Possibility to create your own GPX
  • Possibility to export your selection in HTML
  • Download images and spoiler for offline cache consultation
  • Send images and spoilers to your GPS!


Finally a way to filter all the attributes of my caches to prepare my next trip.

Team CRF

Thanks to this software, I can easily exploit my GPX files on my PC when I don't have an Internet access.

Muggle #1