Frequently Asked Questions

No cache is displayed when I start the application, is it normal?

Usualy, no. First, check that you copied your GPX files in the GPX folder in the application directory (see chapter Installation guide). Otherwise, a filter might prevent your caches from being displayed.

When I first start the application, a similar message is displayed, is it normal?

Yes, this message indicates that a GPX file could not be loaded. Check that your file is not corrupted by downloading it again from your source. You can also test it with your GPS or other 3rd party applications. If the error persists, use the contact procedure on this page to inform me.


This software is quite new, it might contains many bugs.

For any support (depending on my availability), you can contact me by email. Don't forget to provide me the folloing information:

  • The version of the application you're using,
  • A screenshot of the error message (if applicable),
  • A short summary of the actions you performed,
  • The GPX files you're using (attach them to your email),
  • The application configuration file (file MyGeocachingManager.exe.Config) in the application directory, attach it to your email.
    • And don't forget: I do that on my free time...